Restoring mobility where it is gone…

The aim of my touch is to identify tissue resistance in the person’s body and to allow them to release it gradually through gentle but sustained pressure. When the tissues allow it, the pressures can be applied more deeply, but without pain. The aim is to mobilise the different areas (joints, visceral… ) to regain range of movement. It is sometimes necessary to receive several sessions to release the more or less recent tensions.

I massage by making movements, pressures working with resonance on different parts of the body. This approach improves the sliding and rehydration of the tissues and favours the myofascial release (myo = muscle, fascia = connective tissue). This rebalances the body structure by releasing tension and mobilising it.

The tissues gradually regain their suppleness, elasticity and ease; the body regains its balance and its ability to adapt to its environment. The overall structure functions better during everyday move or during more advanced movements such as physical effort during sports.

I may also use tools from blackroll. They are an excellent complement to my massages. I use them to prepare the body for manual treatment and/or to relax areas that need more specific work. They release local contractures, knots and tensions, stimulate fascia and promote greater tissue and joint mobility.

* Thanks blackroll for the picures