About me

I have been convinced by the benefits of massage for a long time, receiving many over the last 20 years. Massage has brought me so much, it has allowed me to become aware of my body; to free myself of unnecessary tension, both physical and emotional. Year after year, I have refined my needs and my understanding of the treatments I received. Following a series of circumstances, convinced and passionate about the vitality that massages bring me, I decided to pursue massage professionally.

In 2013, I trained in California at the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork. Afterwards, I followed several trainings with Marty Morales. I then practiced independently between California, Switzerland and New Zealand. In 2020, I wanted to deepen the fascia work I began in San Francisco. I was able to follow a training on their function in movement thanks to the different modules of Art of Motion (Anatomy train in Motion & Slings in Motion) of Karin Gurtner following the principles of myofascial meridians of Tom Meyers. In 2021, I also followed Karin Locher’s webinars with her exciting work on Spatial Medicine also involving fascial continuities.

I put special emphasis on how to massage by listening to the needs of the individual and responding to the information the body gives me. When I massage, one of my main motivations is to be able to make people feel more with ease in their daily lives, allowing them to feel better and move better.


2013 San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork – SFSM
2016 Mastering Body Mechanics & Advanced Neck Work – Marty Morales (Certified Advanced Rolfer)
2020 Anatomy Trains in Motions – Art of Motion
2020 Sling in Motion, Fascia in motion – Art of Motion
2021 Slings Myofascial Assessment – Art of Motion
2021 Basic Principles of Spatial Medicine – Center of Spatial Medicine
2021 Spatial Medicine Basic Mouvement – Center of Spatial Medicine
2022 Fascia & Sport & Entraînement avec Nicole Pfister et Regula Calloni, Fitspro
2022 Movelab Fascia and training avec Nicole Pfister et Regula Calloni, Fitspro
2022 Formation Blackroll trainer – Blackroll
2023 Workshop neuro myofascial avec Ester Albini, Fitspro