Increase the vitality of the fascial system…

My massages treat pain and resistance in the connective tissue due to:

Lack of movement
Sports training
Physical or emotional shocks

These various causes lead to disharmony within the tissues, which stick to the structures surrounding them. Without treatment, a painful compensation takes place, creating unbalanced and badly distributed tensions which, in the short or long term, can even lead to injury. 

My massages integrate all the structures of the body, following the principles of the 12 myofascial lines of Anatomy trains by Tom Meyers. This holistic view of the body allows for a more global treatment rather than focusing on one painful area. The fascial lines are connective tissue which is omnipresent in our body. It creates a network linking our muscles, tendons, bones, viscera, organs and nervous system. When the tensions of these lines are balanced, tone is distributed throughout the body.

©Tom Meyers

A good range of motion of this connective tissue allows on the one hand the good functioning of your body, as well as avoiding injuries, tears and dysfunctions. Fascia is our sensory organ, our listening tissue and the organ receptive to pain. It responds at all times to our movements, our actions and our thoughts. It adapts to our physical and emotional state.

Healthy fascias are resilient, elastic and non-adherent. When well hydrated, they slide between and over themselves. This movement is reduced when the body has had to be alert, when it has suffered a shock, when it is stressed or when it is not moved enough. Adhesion appears, the tissues thicken, become entangled, the body becomes compressed and the whole body structure is weakened. 

Through massage, I reactivate these receptors to restore their proper function and awareness. Recreating space between the different structures, loosening the tissues, making them resilient again is therefore fundamental to regain a more fluid mobility in one’s daily life.

Allow space…