Through massage, body awareness can be regained…

Based in Nyon, I can also travel to you with my table in the Nyon district (and surrounding areas).

Following my training at the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork (2012) and further training in fascia, I now massage in my practice and at home. My massages are a muscular, connective tissue and holistic treatment that allows each person to regain a better awareness of their body, in a relaxed and letting-go way. Establishing a climate of trust between myself and my patients is essential before a massage. That’s why I always begin the session with a discussion of your needs and expectations.

My aim is to help you regain ease in everyday life by working on your joint mobility, regulating your autonomic nervous system and advising you with little tips and tricks that can easily be applied on a daily basis to benefit from the treatment received…

Massage – In my studio at Rive Nyon
By the lake. Next door to the Usine à Gaz, 8′ walk from the train station or there is parking space 2 steps from my practice.
These treatments are tailored to individual needs, focusing on mobilizing the patient’s tissues (fascia) and restoring vitality. By focusing the massage on a specific connective tissue approach, we restore mobility and space to the body’s various structures. This approach restores movement to affected tissues. Price & Book now!

Massage at home
An in-home massage offers all the benefits of a professional experience, but without the travel. Whether you need a massage for physical recovery, relaxation, to improve your sleep, relieve chronic pain or a specific ache, I can meet your needs. To be able to recuperate from your daily routine with a quality massage in the comfort of your own home is a privileged and unique treatment. Price & Book now!

To be able to relax during the day or recover after an active day is something precious. What a great feeling it is to be able to relieve fatigue, stress, pain and tension, and regain mobility…

I look forward to meeting you,



“Thank you Marion for your wonderful deep tissue massage. Thanks to your care, my shoulder has regained its mobility! How wonderful! See you soon!”

“In a calm setting, Marion offers a deeply relaxing experience. She has been treating my back pain for some time (following an operation). With her gifted hands she manages to make my muscles and fascia much more supple and mobile again. Thank you Marion! I’ll be back soon!”

“I feel like my nerve endings are alive and well again. Many thanks for your sensitivity. See you soon.”

“Thank you so much. I feel great. After being bedridden for a month, I can feel my body moving again.”